"They take photos having lights everywhere, photos of thin guys crossing the denseness of the woods, of musicians leaping in wasted grounds, of guys with windows as a background. Almost since three decades Paco y Manolo protect contemporary photography from artifice; showing a delicate soft spot for windows, flat roofs and endlessly landscapes and flooding the photography dark lounges full of chemical liquids with naturalness.
They remain faithfull to domestic scenes, verbs without adjectives and to a language as simple as anonimus.
A work that places itself on the edge of poetry."

Héctor Castells

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Kink 36 Special Set 2 (PRE-ORDER)




This Special Edition consists of:

– 1 Kink 36 issue, still in process.
– 1 Cuaderno 17 issue, still in process.
– 1 original Polaroid. Choose by among the ones available in our shop online.
– The lasts two Numbers magazines, that will be ready at the same time we publish Kink 36.
– The names of the purchasers of this pack will appear as sponsors on the back cover flap of the new magazine issue.


Postage and packing included!

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First of all, we’d like to thank you for your support during the sixteen years we’re publishing our magazine.
When we began with Kink, we decided we didn’t want it to depend on advertising. For that reason we needed some support to continue publishing the magazine. This support comes from the sale of Polaroids, Original Photos and the Special Edition Sets.
This is why we are preparing a new pack with Kink 36 Special Edition. The pack will be delivered by registered mail, in April, when the new issue of the magazine will be published. Postage and packing are included.
Thanks to you we are working for longer than 16 years in this project, and we hope to count on your support also in future.

Long Live the Kink!

Primero de todo, queremos agradecerte el apoyo que has dado a nuestro proyecto durante sus dieciséis años de existencia.
Cuando comenzamos con Kink, decidimos que no queríamos depender de la publicidad. Esto hizo que necesitásemos un apoyo para poder seguir editando la revista. Este apoyo proviene de la venta de Ediciones Especiales, Fotografías Originales y Polaroids.
Por esta razón estamos preparando un nuevo pack con la Edición Especial del próximo Kink 36, que será enviado por correo certificado tan pronto como tengamos en nuestras manos la revista, previsiblemente el próximo mes de abril. Los gastos de envío están incluidos.
Gracias a vosotros hemos podido mantener vivo este proyecto, y esperamos seguir contando con vuestro apoyo en el futuro.

Long Live the Kink!

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