"They take photos having lights everywhere, photos of thin guys crossing the denseness of the woods, of musicians leaping in wasted grounds, of guys with windows as a background. Almost since three decades Paco y Manolo protect contemporary photography from artifice; showing a delicate soft spot for windows, flat roofs and endlessly landscapes and flooding the photography dark lounges full of chemical liquids with naturalness.
They remain faithfull to domestic scenes, verbs without adjectives and to a language as simple as anonimus.
A work that places itself on the edge of poetry."

Héctor Castells

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June 2021

Fotografiamos a Ximo por primera vez en marzo de 2010. Desde entonces lo hemos retratado unas cuantas veces más. Se pueden ver todas estas sesiones en 266, el nº dedicado en exclusiva a uno de nuestros modelos preferidos. Impreso en Risografía